Bean to Bar Chocolate Artisan

The Rise In UK Bean To Bar Chocolate Makers

By Lea Tierney The chocolate aficionados amongst you might have noticed a recent uptick in brands offering “bean to bar chocolate”. There is a lot more control over this process, addressing various concerns that people...

Commercial food production

No Need To Eat Clean

By Northern Munkee Hot food trends that are supposed to keep you healthy. Not to say that there's no truth in any of it, but it's always good to take food fads with a pinch...

Food delivery in the future visualisation

Secrets of Small Business Start-Up Success

By Northern Munkee Starting up your own business is bloody scary. It's a huge leap of faith whether you're jumping in feet first and leaving the relative comfort of employment or you're living a double life...

Tacos from Breddos

Hot new London restaurant openings

By Zoe Perrett. In foodie circles, 2017 has been unofficially dubbed ‘the year of the taco’ - and indeed, since late last year, some of London’s hottest new restaurant openings have focused on that very...


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