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At FoodStars, we know that great locations are key to our members’ success. That’s why all of our commercial kitchens available to rent can be found in strategic central locations throughout the capital.

Thanks to FoodStars, there’s no longer the need to invest heavily in equipment up-front, or pay excessive commercial rents and rates for space you don’t need. We’ve got everything covered for you – our kitchens come fully equipped and ready to go. Keep start-up costs low whilst targeting London’s huge population by renting the commercial kitchen your business needs.

To see all of our London kitchens available for rent, take a look at our locations or book a tour today.

Why a commercial kitchen?

Save on time and money with ready-to-go commercial kitchens

Renting a commercial kitchen will save your business time and money. Getting a commercial kitchen up to standard and certified is no easy task – the time and money costs can be prohibitively high so, instead, with FoodStars you can now walk into a ready built commercial kitchen in a matter of hours and get creating.

How to rent out a commercial kitchen space

You can rent your kitchen according to your needs. If you need it full time you can hire it on a 24/7 access private kitchen plan, but if you only need it for a part of the day or night, then you can use the daytime-only or evening-only kitchen option to better suit your business’s operating hours. Get in touch with us to talk you through how we can help.


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Kitchen Layout

Our kitchens have been designed to meet the requirements of London’s food and drink businesses. But not every business is the same, so layouts can be adapted to suits needs of our clients. Talk to us today about your business’s needs.

Kitchens to rent from 400 sq.ft

Kitchen sizes start from around 400 sq. ft. To put that into perspective, a 400sq. ft kitchen could easily cater for an 80-seat restaurant. If your business needs more space, chat to one of our teams about out kitchen larger units.

Delivery docks

All of our locations are situated on street level and are fitted with industrial-roller shutters for large deliveries, allowing our member’s food delivery businesses to operate effortlessly. For more information, take a look at our food delivery kitchens page.

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The team have provided me with an exceptional kitchen to grow my fitness/workout focused takeaway service from. We have benefited from a strategic location and excellent support network from FoodStars

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