Choosing a commercial kitchen for your business

Choosing the right commercial kitchen to rent for your business

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Once you’ve taken the step to start your own business and the prudent decision that you’re going to rent a commercial kitchen as opposed to plunging all your money into capital expenditure you’re left with a dilemma: how do I make sure I rent the right commercial kitchen for me? There are a few options out there and it can be tough to navigate; but fear not, this helpful guide should give you some things to consider when you’re searching for your perfect commercial kitchen.

The food and drink industry is heavily influenced and shaped by macro trends which impact consumer and shopper behaviours so it’s important that you consider how your business will face into these trends and how your base will help you do that. This article focuses on three macro trends sweeping through the industry right now: provenance, sourceability and personality.

Does your location have a sense of provenance?

Food or drink that carry provenance have heritage and shout expertise in a certain field. It signals to the consumer that this is a product that carries high quality. One famous brand that immediately comes to mind when I think about provenance is Guinness. This brand boasts that it was established in 1759 and still uses some of the same techniques as when the business first started. If you’re a foodie looking for a pint that you can trust Guinness is well placed to deliver that because of its strong provenance. So, when you’re looking for a commercial kitchen that helps you create your provenance story think about the building and the methods that it will allow. Is the building of historical significance? Has your production process been in the family for generations and will your rental option allow you to continue to do that?

Will it be easy to source from your kitchen?

The next key trend to consider when you’re hunting for your perfect commercial kitchen to rent is sourceability. It seems like a long time ago now but we are still living under the spectre of the Horsegate scandal that hit the UK in 2013. As consumers we demand to know where our food comes from and producers need to work hard to maintain full traceability. When you’re thinking about your commercial kitchen you need to consider location. If you want to source the best ingredients that you’re proud to serve and shout about you need to be able to get out to those suppliers easily. If you’re a London based brand, selling on the streets of London you need to position yourself in the heartbeat of the City.

Does your location fit your brand?

Finally, the importance of personality in a food brand needs to be considered when selecting your base camp. Recent campaigns in the retail world such as Tesco’s Food Love Stories have demonstrated the importance of depth in food and how important it is for consumers to become fans not just customers. Your commercial kitchen can be another source of marketable personality and is the perfect background to your business so ensure it reflects your brand values and isn’t just a cold, soulless environment.


Hopefully this has given you some food for thought when you’re hunting down your perfect commercial kitchen.


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