By Lea Tierney

It’s true, there are food experiences a-plenty in London this year; from the sublime to the bonkers but rather than discuss fads. In this article we’re going to look at the food trends that you need to keep an eye out for in 2017. Of course, you don’t always need to watch the trends, sometimes you can make them… But how will you do that without a kitchen to call your own? Well, just find a great value kitchen to rent in a densely populated city like London, and you’ve got the most important step out of the way to start marking your trend on the world.

Here are the 3 food trends set to stay for 2017.

Wellness watering holes

The Wellness scene in London is positively booming and with a growing crowd of city dwellers desiring a more holistic approach to health, we’re seeing this reflected in the dining opportunities on offer in 2017. Whilst “clean eating” has come under scrutiny and featured highly in the media of late, there’s no escaping that wellness focused foodies want the freedom to dine out on nutritious, great tasting food.

The recently opened Bel Air, with their highly Instagram-able menu is promising to offer just that; lunch offerings include the delicious sounding black bean falafel with five greens quinoa salad, tomatillo salsa & avocado lime “mayo”, and the coconut, pumpkin & green lentil daal, with turmeric & cardamom spiced soya yoghurt and shaved coconut. Plus, all of the food at Bel Air is handmade from scratch without the use of refined sugar.

There’s no shortage of chefs making veggies the star of the plate – demonstrating the power of trend number 2…

Plant powered plates

With the growing profile of the vegan movement, courtesy of campaigns such as Veganuary, it’s no surprise that plant based options are set to be on the rise in 2017. For those opting for a plant based lifestyle and signed up to Veganuary, it is a choice likely to stick. According to their 2016 survey, “many people (about 38%) may be continuing to consume a reduced level of animal products compared to before Veganuary” and, according to their website, over 542,000 people in Britain are following a vegan diet.

Aside from numerous chains offering vegan menus or adaptations for January, several new eateries are set to appear on the scene offering plant based fare. Amongst these is the highly anticipated The Clifton. Set to open in March 2017, the historic pub is getting a new lease of life from Ed and Ben Robson – with a menu to match, as they are committing to providing vegan and gluten free dishes as part of their offering. Naturally that leads us nicely into trend number 3…

Free From feasting

Far from being a dietary fad, the number of people going gluten free is increasing. Coeliac Disease affects around 1 in 100 people but the number of people affected by gluten intolerance is unknown. With the growing awareness of the impact of diet on health and the rising popularity of ‘free from’ bloggers and media personalities, gluten free dining looks to be much more widely available in 2017.

Promising a range of comforting and nourishing gluten free dishes, the opening of the new Maple & Fitz store, to be named Maple & Kings, highlights the increasing trend towards providing gluten free options. These offerings are expected to include, amongst others, gluten free rhubarb-pomegranate-oat pancakes with coconut yoghurt and maple vegan butter and, looking at their existing range of gluten free treats, is likely to be accompanied by “the best gluten free brownie”. Maple & Kings are set to open in March 2017 so it may be a little early to get in the queue for that brownie just yet…

There’s a clear link between these 3 trends; wellness focused dining, plant based options and gluten free provisions are all essential to the more aware consumer that is emerging.

2017 is shaping up to be a feast for all!

About the Author

I’m Lea, the face behind Can Eat Attitude; I’m a Coeliac Vegan, freelancer and have a passion for nutrition and food. On my blog, I highlight the amazing and nourishing things you CAN eat on a “restricted diet” through easy wholefood, plant based and generally “friendly” recipes, some cool places to eat out safely and positive experiences to try alongside your “can eat” attitude.

Instagram: @can_eat_attitude

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