Affordable commercial kitchens designed to simplify food delivery

Discover how FoodStars can help you grow your business and gain new customers with CloudKitchens® delivery-only kitchens

Why a CloudKitchens® delivery-only kitchen?

  • A delivery-only kitchen is a low investment, low risk alternative that offers substantial operational advantages and unparalleled ROI potential

  • You can launch your operation in a matter of days or weeks, not months or years, and sell through the online delivery platforms and channels you choose

  • Benefit from a lean operating model with fewer staff and lower overheads, expand into new locations easily and future-proof your business against new retail crisis and pandemics

Why FoodStars?

Present in the UK’s hottest demand areas to increase your revenue potential and the partner of choice of the UK’s top brands with CloudKitchens® delivery-only kitchens

Open a delivery-only kitchen in weeks

Launch your operation in a matter of days or weeks, not months or years


Save up to 18% of your labour costs, become more resilient to staff shortages and make your team safer & happier with our exclusive processing services

Facilities optimized for delivery

Kitchen design and delivery experts to help you launch and succeed with multiple brands, enhance your EHO rating and achieve your highest customer ratings, ever

Integrated system

Sell through the online delivery platforms and channels you choose

Everything ready to get you started

Fully-serviced sites, alcohol and late-night trading licenses, several shared amenities – reduce your overheads and focus on what you do best

Expansion is at your door

Our most successful members reach 3-digit daily orders and unparalleled ROI, expanding nationally and internationally with us

Start-up and operating costs are a fraction of those in a brick and mortar restaurant

The delivery opportunity has little downside and unparalleled ROI potential, with start-up and operating costs up to 90% lower than in a new brick-and-mortar restaurant

Up to 90% lower capex

Much reduced upfront investment in equipment and kitchen improvements vs the fit-out of a restaurant

No spend on site acquisition

No more real estate agents, solicitors, planning consultants, site works (materials, architects, designers, contractors, construction costs), utility upgrades, permits etc

Up to 50% lower operating expenses

Reduce investment across many cost lines in the P&L, including labour, business rates, cleaning, R&M and G&A expenses

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Present in the UK’s hottest demand areas: London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds

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With kitchens located throughout the UK, our team can help you find the perfect fit for your business.

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Do you own a property in a densely
populated location?

We are expanding across many cities. If you own a commercial or industrial property of 2,000 sq ft or larger, please get in touch with our acquisitions team.