Continuing our UK expansion, this is the first new location for Foodstars in Leeds. Our fully operational private commercial kitchens are spacious, ready to move into and suitable for every kind of food business. It is the perfect expansion location, given Leeds has a vibrant independent food scene, hungry for new cuisine.

What’s nearby?

Located just off the A65 in Burley, an inner-city area of Leeds, it is ideally positioned for food delivery to restaurants, markets and to residential areas. Burley is found to the west of the City Centre, near to the very popular student district of Headingley and the University of Leeds.

Leeds is home to numerous restaurants, bars, coffee shops and Leeds Kirkgate Market. For food businesses delivering to homes, catering events or parties, and food brands looking to break into a new market this is an ideal location. It is particularly valuable for vegetarian and vegan food businesses, which are thriving.

What equipment is available?

At their most bare, our kitchens come with a double prep sink, hand wash basin and commercial extraction, allowing you to install your own units and equipment.

We work with both small and large food businesses and have experience designing bespoke kitchens to license too.


7 Weaver Street, Burley, Leeds, LS4 2AU, United Kingdom

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Phone: +44 207 729 1329

Your kitchen 
designed to spec

  • Double prep sink
  • Hand wash basin
  • Gas hob*
  • Combi ovens*
  • Commercial refrigeration / freezer*
  • Additional chilled, ambient, and frozen storage*
  • Extraction & ventilation
  • Natural gas & interlock system
  • Three phase electricity
  • Industrial boiler
  • Non-slip floor
  • Hygienic walls / skirting
  • Commercial high power lighting
  • Central food delivery order processing centre
  • Delivery driver check-in / management
  • Fire rated infrastructure & safety system
  • Loading docks for delivery / collection
  • Communal cleaning / pest control
  • Helpful community managers
  • Dedicated security
  • Free WiFi
*optional extras

Other locations

Locations close to your consumers

We select locations that allow you to reach areas with high demand for food delivery from residential and office locations. Our locations are set up to aid easy access for your team, your suppliers and your delivery partners. With 24-7 access, security and all of your infrastructure needs taken care of, all you need to focus on in creating brilliant food.

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Have a suggestion for a new place where you’d like to use our kitchens? Reach out to our support team to suggest a new location near you.


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