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Evening-only Kitchen Hire

An ideal cost effective option for early stage start-ups as well as businesses that require a commercial kitchen during the evenings.

Part-time Kitchen Rental Plan


From £1800/month


  • Daily Access, 7 days a week. (4pm – 2am / Monday-Sunday)
  • During your shift, use the kitchen exclusively (not shared)
  • Free Wifi
  • Clean communal areas & pest control
  • Waste management and Recycling
  • Parking
  • Roller shutters for delivery and dispatch
Choosing a commercial kitchen for your business

How Does it Work?

Hiring an Evening-only Kitchen means that you have access to it for production from 4pm to 2am, seven days a week. This type of plan is especially ideal for food delivery businesses looking to meet the demands of the evening dinner rush and late-night food orders. It’s also great for catering businesses who want to be prepared for early morning deliveries the following day. That’s easy, because you’ll have everyday 24 hour access for collection and delivery of your products.

If you prefer to produce during the daytime (6am – 4pm), take a look at our Daytime-only Kitchen Hire plan.

Equipment & Services

Our kitchens are move-in ready as they come with all the expected industrial grade equipment to meet UK standards and regulations. That includes refrigeration, ovens, double sinks, non-slip flooring, work stations, ventilation systems, fire safety systems and more.

There are modern conveniences  included too that will help your business running smoothly such as free WiFi access, data connection sockets  and bright LED lighting.

You can always add any equipment that you require, or have equipment removed that is not needed. Our services include in-house maintenance and a management team so that you don’t have to sweat the small details. We’ll support your business during your time with us.

Why choose an Evening-only Kitchen?

Our Evening-only Kitchens are located throughout London. They provide the ideal platform for any food and drink business looking to take advantage of the Capital’s dense population and booming commerce opportunities at a competitive monthly rate.

Although our Evening-only Kitchen hires are cheaper than our private commercial kitchen plan, you will still receive the same equipment and level of service. The only difference is that you can only produce during a night-shift. You may only need to produce in batches or will only be active during 4pm to 2am (for example, dinner and late-night food delivery). It’s also a great way to test a new product with less upfront costs.

Agreement Terms for Evening-only Hires

Our Evening-only Kitchen Hire plans are designed to be flexible so that we can help your food and drink business succeed. As you evolve, we want to evolve with you and accommodate for the changes that your business needs. For this reason, we don’t require a long-term contract, our minimum commitment is just 3 months. We only request 3 months notice at any time to exit the agreement.

Payments are made by direct debit on a monthly basis.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to rent a full-time private kitchen.

Learn about our Full-time Private Commercial Kitchen Rental Plan here


The team have provided me with an exceptional kitchen to grow my fitness/workout focused takeaway service from. We have benefited from a strategic location and excellent support network from FoodStars

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