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Private Commercial Kitchen

Renting a private commercial kitchen is the most popular form of membership at FoodStars and gives you full-time access to your kitchen.

Private Rental Plan Summary


From £2750/month + utility bills


  • 24/7 access
  • Private and secure kitchen space dedicated to your business.
  • Free Wifi
  • Clean communal areas & pest control
  • Waste management and Recycling
  • Parking
  • Roller shutters for delivery and dispatch
Retail food and drink central production unit

About Our Private Kitchens


Most of our private kitchens are approximately 400 sq ft in size, although we do offer both smaller and larger kitchens that can be up to 3,500 sq ft.

Shared or private?

Our kitchens are for businesses that require sole access to their kitchen space. If you choose to rent a private kitchen at FoodStars, then no other business will have access to this dedicated space other than your own business.

Access hours

The kitchen benefits from access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So whether you produce during the morning, afternoon or evening, the kitchen will be available to use on an exclusive basis and never shared.

Equipment & Services

FoodStars private commercial kitchens are pre-equipped so that as soon as you step through the doors, you are ready to go with industrial fridges and freezers, ovens (convection and combi), work tables and more. While you’re renting, you are completely free to add your own equipment as you need it, or remove any of our equipment that you may not necessarily require.

Equipped to meet UK Commercial Kitchen Regulations

Our kitchens are also set up to meet UK regulations and standards, with non-slip flooring, ventilation systems, fire-safety systems, waste management, hygienic walls and hygienic floor-skirting.

Modern conveniences

You’ll also have free WiFi access, data connection sockets, parking and access to our community management team to provide you with support whenever you need it, so you can focus on what’s important; running your business to success.

Private kitchens – who are they for?

Whether you are a caterer, restaurant, retailer or food delivery operator, there is a high likelihood that you are looking for a private kitchen to rent. We have private kitchens available in all of our London locations, it is our core product.

Private kitchens are ideal for businesses that require around the clock access to their kitchen space for production, as well as knowing that their goods can be locked away safely in their kitchen when they are not present.

Agreement Terms

Our private kitchen plan will not lock you into a long term commitment with us. It’s our aim to help your business grow while you rent from us and so we will always offer you the most flexible options available to scale up with your business as it evolves. We only ask for a minimum 3-month commitment and 2 months notice at any time should you decide you no longer wish to continue your journey with FoodStars.

You are free to rent multiple private kitchen units. If that’s the case, just ask one of our community managers and they will help you to arrange the terms for that.


The team have provided me with an exceptional kitchen to grow my fitness/workout focused takeaway service from. We have benefited from a strategic location and excellent support network from FoodStars

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Or call us 0207 729 1329

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