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Storage Solutions

FoodStars provides the option of dry, cold and freezer storage for its members.

Dry Storage – from £250/month
Cold/Frozen Storage – from £300/month

Storage solutions

How does it work?

FoodStars members are entitled to benefit from our professional storage units. We offer storage units that can hold dry goods, cold storage for refrigerated products and storage for frozen goods. Storage units are additional to the storage that is provided in each kitchen. Storage is located on the same premises as your kitchen. Storage is also available to food and drink businesses that do not rent a kitchen from us. To discuss a storage option at FoodStars get in touch with a community manager today.


All our storage units begin from approximately 40 sq ft in size. The next sizes up are 80 sq ft, 120 sq ft, 160 sq ft and so on. Our smallest storage units are constructed to store the majority of pallets from UK, USA and Europe.

Access & Privacy

Access to storage is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of public holidays. On site we have a dedicated FoodStars management and security team, one of which are always present on site. Each storage unit is private and access is only obtained via a security code and lock.

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The team have provided me with an exceptional kitchen to grow my fitness/workout focused takeaway service from. We have benefited from a strategic location and excellent support network from FoodStars

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Or call us 0207 729 1329

0207 729 1329