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FoodStars is the home of start-up caterers to well established catering industry giants. Whether your catering business requires one of our standard kitchen units or a tailor made, bespoke commercial kitchen fit-out that spans over thousands of square feet we’ve got you covered. Renting a design led catering kitchen in a prime London location has never been more achievable.

Catering Equipment

Our commercial kitchens come equipped with refrigeration, freezer space, ovens, gas cookers, work tables to help get you started. Our industrial level of infrastructure includes, extraction, ventilation, natural gas connections, 3 phase electricity and more. Your business is free to remove our catering equipment and add any equipment into the kitchen that you require. All of which can be handled by our super friendly and reliable service team.

We have built kitchen space to rent in London for various catering businesses that require specialist additional features such as walk in cold rooms, freezer storage and dry storage facilities inside their kitchen. Dedicated parking for vehicles can be provided, as well as separate office space if you wish to work away from your kitchen operation (but on the same site). Let us manage the headache of providing a winning commercial kitchen solution, so you don’t have to.


Does your retail brand require a reliable, commercial kitchen space where you can produce batches at any one time?

Our kitchens are designed to house large scale and independent, artisanal food makers and retailers that wish to produce as locally as possible. We can provide you with a solution that keeps your product local and easy to keep an eye on day-to-day as opposed to outsourcing production to a factory that you have limited control over. Our kitchens have been designed with a high specification of commercial infrastructure, meaning some of the most sophisticated and specialist catering equipment and machinery can be installed inside them. Our kitchens have been home to local coffee producers, peanut butter makers, macaroon specialists and baking gurus.

FoodStars members can benefit from dry and cold storage facilities, dedicated vehicle parking and office space in addition to our kitchen space, meaning that your entire business operation from kitchen production, storage, head office and distribution can all be managed from one central location.

If producing from a convenient London location with quick and easy access to the City or West End is important to you, as well as operating from a highly efficient commercial kitchen with a dedicated maintenance team and support network then FoodStars is perfect for you.

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FoodStars have built us a bespoke commercial kitchen alongside office space and a tasting room, supporting our growing business activites in London

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