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Rent a central production unit (CPU)

Does your food business require a central production unit (CPU) to rent,
to prepare and to distribute your products from?

Centralised Production for your food business in London

A fantastic location is one key to success for any Central Production Unit kitchen. Which is why ours are found in strategic locations around London.

Our kitchen locations are in key areas around the capital, including Bethnal Green, Bermondsey, Shoreditch, Vauxhall and Battersea. These are iconic bustling neighbourhoods for London’s forward thinking and ambitious food start-ups.

To see all of our London kitchens available for rent, take a look at our locations or book a tour today.

Central Production Units for Restaurants

Why would a restaurant need a CPU?

  • You operate from an A1 property and don’t have permission to cook hot food from your premises
  • You have a lacklustre commercial kitchen space that isn’t efficient enough for the level of food production that you require
  • You are thinking about reducing your kitchen size to increase the number of seats on your restaurant floor
  • You want all of your food produced in one central kitchen.

Custom Central Production Unit solutions

FoodStars have provided central kitchen space to rent to restaurant brands in the quick service, casual dining and fine dining sector. We have food business members who have 1 high street unit and others with up to 50 units. Naturally, depending on the size of your business, we can offer you a bespoke kitchen rental that will accommodate your kitchen operation.

Use it as a food delivery kitchen too

With the emergence and popularity of on demand food delivery, why not double up your central production unit as a food delivery kitchen or dark kitchen?

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London Central Production Unit
Retail Central Production Unit

Using a Central Production Kitchen for retail

Does your retail brand require a reliable, commercial kitchen space where you can produce batches at any one time?

Our kitchens are designed to house large scale and independent, artesanal food makers and retailers that wish to produce as locally as possible. We can provide you with a solution that keeps your product local and easy to keep an eye on day-to-day as opposed to outsourcing production to a factory that you have limited control over.

Our kitchens have been designed with a high specification of commercial infrastructure, meaning some of the most sophisticated and specialist catering equipment and machinery can be installed inside them. Our kitchens have been home to local coffee producers, peanut butter makers, macaroon specialists and baking gurus.

Convenient storage

FoodStars members can benefit from dry and cold storage facilities, dedicated vehicle parking and office space in addition to our kitchen space, meaning that your entire business operation – from kitchen production, storage, head office to distribution can all be managed from one central location.

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Central Production Units for Street Food/Pop-Up businesses

London’s innovative street food and pop-up scene has gone from strength to strength in recent years. With numerous street food markets, festivals, pop-ups and supper clubs being the focus for many of London’s newest food entrepreneurs.

A private space to grow your business

Traditionally start-up food operators start out by producing food from a home kitchen or in a shared kitchen. However, once they grow, the need for a private or dedicated kitchen space becomes key to their growing success.

Our membership plan will meet your needs as a business, take a look at our private commercial kitchens page for more information.

At FoodStars we have been fortunate enough and are very proud to have witnessed young food businesses blossom into market leaders in their respective sectors, whether it be street food, supper clubs or food delivery. Our support network, operations and community is aimed at contributing to their success.

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Restaurant Central Production Unit

FoodStars have provided us with an efficient kitchen space that is convenient and local to our cafes

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