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Food Delivery Kitchens

Expand your delivery outreach.

Rent a kitchen for food delivery in London

London is a prime location for home and restaurant food delivery kitchens.

The food delivery market is worth over £6 billion per year in the UK, and that’s a figure that keeps growing. The majority of the almost 700 million deliveries took place in London. For those looking to move their food delivery kitchen to London or start a new business there for the first time, now is the best opportunity.

FoodStars have multiple prime kitchen locations around London, so you can be at the forefront of that growth and find an area that suits your needs best. They are all within close proximity of densely populated offices and residential living areas. Our kitchens come fully equipped and ready to go with loading docks that can be accessed 24-hours a day.

To see all of our London kitchens available for rent, take a look at our locations or book a tour today.

Logistical process behind food delivery kitchens

Loading Docks

The logistical process of delivering from a FoodStars kitchen is simple and efficient. All of our buildings have loading dock areas where delivery drivers can park their vehicles while they load the delivery products onto their vehicle straight from the kitchen.


All of our kitchens come equipped, at no extra cost, with refrigeration, freezer space, ovens, gas stoves, sinks, work tables and extraction hoods for hot cooking. You are free to bring in your own catering equipment and remove our catering equipment if you wish. The kitchen also benefits from natural gas, 3 phase electricity and free wifi, which is key to a food delivery business renting a commercial kitchen. Additional storage space can be provided upon request.

FoodStars is home to some of the most popular local food delivery operators in their respective neighbourhood’s and food space. If you are thinking about becoming a food delivery operator, delivering delicious, tasty food and need a commercial kitchen to rent in London then get in touch today!


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London, a prime market for food delivery
FoodStars Dark Kitchen

What is a dark kitchen or satellite kitchen?

A dark kitchens or satellite kitchens are called this way because they are used for delivering food as a restaurant or take away does, but they do not have a retail or shop frontage. Many of these dark kitchens deliver food on demand via third party online partners or via their own in house technology system.

As well as on-demand food delivery, many of our members deliver food that is ordered weeks, days or hours in advance by their customers. These businesses include prepped meals, meal recipe kits and grocery services. Finding kitchen space to rent in prime London locations has never been easier.

How to rent a dark kitchen

We have a number of options for renting, including our private kitchen plan, daytime-only kitchen hire and evening-only kitchen hire.

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The team have provided me with an exceptional kitchen to grow my fitness/workout focused takeaway service from. We have benefited from a strategic location and excellent support network from FoodStars

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